Pony hairstyle So you style the spring trend right

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You ever in the mood for a new hairstyle? How would it be with a Pony that is this spring Trend? We tell you, which Bangs match your face shape and how you style them properly … congratulations!

If you have an oval face shape, then every Pony is you . You have the choice between a bushy, fringed, short or long. The only thing you should be aware of, is that the end fringe not directly on the eyebrow height to complete. The Bangs carry either it or a little longer. So you make the perfect frame for your face shape.

A tip: step out in style a straight, blunt looks cut bangs – the classic and the Hairstyles . A round face flatters a Pony that falls to the side and up to the corner of the eye is sufficient. So the head is given more length and Definition. Alternatively, you can also Micro-Bangs, so short Bangs that end above the eyebrows. Of a classic Pony, however, is not recommended. The reason for this is A straight bangs makes your face more round and less work.

In a heart-shaped face has a wide forehead and a narrow chin are the most distinctive features. In the case of your Pony hairstyle you should pay attention, therefore, on a cut that makes the forehead is narrower and the chin appear wider . You can reach best with a fringe-bangs, light levels. But also the side-cut Bangs flatter a heart shape.

Case you have a angular head shape, then you need a Pony that will give your face more softness. Loose-fitting Bangs that caress the face gently, are perfect. Straight and geometric cuts are counterproductive, as your face will work harder and edgier.

Straight Bangs are the easiest to style. The Pony holds well, knead you should be in front of the Styling a little mousse with heat protection in the wet section of Hair. So you, the end fringe is a good style can put the rest of the mane to the rear. Take a hair dryer and a round brush and take the brush from the bottom of the Pony and pull it under a slight Turn inwards and finally upwards.

Repeat this process until the Pony is dried. If you find the resulting wave like that, you can fix it with hair spray. Otherwise, you should make the forehead fringes are not blow-drying completely dry, so you can pull the hair using a comb smooth. If you have an oblique Pony, a side parting on the beneficial.

To wash your hair, spray some heat protection, and blow-dry the hair upside down. Lifting your head and throw the lengths Moms’ Comparing Themselves To Kate Middleton to the rear. Now you can oblique bangs to the side, blow-dry, but to the page that he should not lie.

The reason is that the hair gets more volume . Now you can bring the forehead fringe on the right side, and there, with hair spray fix . You squeeze the pony’s hair while Spraying it lightly with the fingers to the top, remains in the volume.

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