The best tips for your weekend.

You a free weekend for two? Since we can congratulate only once, because there is nothing Better than to spend a few relaxing hours with a loved one. One or the other Few like it enough to look at his days on the Couch together for a new series. But there are of course a number of other ways to make the weekend exciting and relaxing at the same time. You don’t know what you have together? In this article, you will learn it – read more!

A single weekend and so many possibilities.

The ways to company on a romantic weekend for two, are incredibly numerous – but that can be a Problem. First of all, should rule Consensus in which direction the activities will go. If you have common interests have the is perfect, of course. But if you are only just at the beginning of the relationship, must be precisely this common ground yet to be explored. Maybe You want to inspire Your Partner to a place or a thing that You especially love? All of this should be included in the planning for a weekend with. Of course, the Season and the place to play, where you live or where you are, a crucial role for planning. But one thing is for sure: companies can be a couple on a weekend always something Beautiful, no matter where you are located and how the weather is.

The Good is so close – You don’t have to travel far .

In order to experience a couple on a weekend something, You don’t have to travel too far. It’s often the sights and worthwhile destinations in your own town or area , which are criminally neglected. You really know the city’s Museum of art, the Botanical garden or the Zoo in front of the door? Who is curious and inquisitive, is also in close proximity to worthwhile destinations for your free days. Also, certain events can be included in the planning for a weekend. How would it be, for example, with the visit of a flea market, a Food festival or a folk festival? In some regions, there are feast days, customs and traditions, which you can admire as spectators. Each area has its own traditions, the audience is always an interesting spectacle. Maybe You and Your Partner a passion for a certain sport? If Yes: you have to Buy Tickets and then go together to the stadium! Important in such a common excursion, however, is that both can gain something. Because otherwise such a trip for the partnership relationship is rather counterproductive.

A little vacation with a scheduled Overnight stay.

If your plans for the trip to Your weekend one or two Nights, it is like a little vacation . Of which consume the whole next work week guaranteed. Your accommodation for the weekend need not necessarily be a high priced Hotel that you watch on the Internet to be Offered a hotel of your choice, and pays attention to gets the time of day you get the cheapest price. If you want to save more, you should also a simple hostel or a Pension in consideration – especially if you want to anyway spend most of your time outside the hotel. In the summer you can camp but it is not for everyone. For camping enthusiasts there is nothing Better, than in the natural to stay.

A balmy summer evening is of course also for the romance of the campfire with a nice glass (or Cup) of red wine and delicious food from the Grill. A short holiday on your romantic weekend for two with an Overnight stay for newlyweds in perfectly – after all, you return to the daily grind really your back and gaining distance from the familiar environment. For such a company, however, it is good, if You know Your Partner a little better. You should still in the learning phase plug in can also be a cause for a (first) joint Overnight in a room (and a bed) .

A lot of interesting cities trips for Inquisitive minds.

A city trip for a weekend together-a sort of counter-proposal for excursion in the nature, but also offers many scenic opportunities. It is guaranteed not only within Germany, but possibly also in the vicinity of Your home town is an interesting, larger or smaller city, You are always closer to explore wanted. Such a planned short trip can, of course, be a Surprise for Your Partner. A city break is a great on the Internet plan and book. Cheap tickets can be booked in this way as quickly and safely as Overnight in small Hotels or pensions, or tickets for a Museum, a concert, or a theatre evening. A city trip is not worth it for a long time now, only in the well-known cities of the country.

For such a company, however, it is good, if You know Your Partner a little better. You should still in the learning phase plug in can also be a cause for a (first) joint Overnight in a room (and a bed) .

In the province there are so many pearl waiting to be discovered. Depending on where You live, can be done in such a short trip, of course, also abroad. Tips for a memorable weekend both share the passion for
In our Danish, Polish and Austrian neighbours, there are delightful small and medium-sized cities in the border region. Often the transport companies of the neighbouring countries are not connected in the region of the border with each other, so that you need for such a journey, nor even have a car. A stay abroad has in any case a very different quality in terms of impressions and the new atmosphere. Common Discover common experiences, to connect a Pair to each other. A somewhat “exotic” destination for the discovery of similarities, quite a small, but exciting challenge. It doesn’t matter whether your to the Czech Republic, Belgium or Holland travel.

Culture, Sport, culinary delights – both it must have fallen.

The possibilities of a company in a weekend, second something Interesting to, are incredibly diverse. It is always important that both partners are able to draw the idea and the aim of something. You can also do sports, but to a really satisfactory experience, only if both share the passion for the sport. If You are planning as an avid Ice skaters visiting the ice rink, You have to know beforehand if Your Partner ice-skating at all shoes can run. Otherwise the pleasure will be very one-sided. Similarly, the visit of an Opera or a ballet. Do you like burn the forms for these art, but do not expect the Same from another. Also in the preferences for certain foods, there are significant differences. A vegetarian You shouldn’t be surprised with a visit to the Steakhouse. Such unprofessional reinforces differences and creates no Agreement. Therefore, the joint planning of a weekend for two is often better than a one-sided Surprise. This is especially true if you are standing still at the beginning of a relationship .

Exciting destinations and excursions in every Season.

Why wander into the distance? Basically, each area in Germany has something to offer and a jointly-planned and well-experienced excursion to a destination in the vicinity is always a great experience, the connects. How would it be, for example, with a small shared walk with a picnic ? This can be almost every Season a wonderful experience. At all Hiking is a thing very – for Young and Old. A trip in the nature on a weekend-to-second offers many advantages. You are moving in fresh air, be active and you recovered splendidly. A small hike everyone can afford, because it costs nothing. With a brought-along Snack you can make spontaneously on a beautiful square grid and you with a healthy appetite on the food plunge.

Of course you can drive Your common weekend, it is also a very specific goal, be it an old castle, a Church, or even a trip locally. In summer, a swimming lake or a swimming pool, of course. If you have no car, that should be no Problem. With Bus or S-Bahn is also quickly and cost-effectively in front of the gates of the city. As an alternative to the hike, you can plan also, of course, a joint bike ride. In the meantime, is there anywhere well-developed cycle routes, whether in the high North, in the middle of Germany, in the South or along the many rivers.

Five tips for a successful weekend.

So a weekend to succeed to second and the Maximum out of the common time-out to get you, we’ll give You or you a few tips on the way to planning. So can you disappointments the best way to avoid and space for collective memories to create.

Is defined in the run-up to the interests . There is nothing more annoying to force someone to do something he likes. This applies to destinations as well as for the type of activity or attending certain events. Plans for good, not plans for the time but too tight . Leave room for spontaneity – always expect the unexpected! To feel better as the discoverer of a terrain, two still unknown. Also clarifies the financial issues in the run-up . Even if both partners have sufficient financial resources, it is not always clear whether you want to spend in the same place generous. To the second, the first weekend should not be the best to expensive. A planning Alternative . Also a weekend in August can be rainy. Then, when the swimming lake is not the only Option for you and quick in a bad mood. You were together skiing, but the snow in the Harz mountains, this year failed to materialize? Then you just wander. Remains in the event of unexpected occurrences, and left . The train is delayed, or the targeted Local or Museum has closed? Take it with a sense of Humor, and reacts in a flexible way. What is the meaning of a single hour more on the train to a whole weekend? Another Museum can also be interesting and a different Local as well.

At the weekend two of something together, create.

Two of a weekend does not have to be overloaded with great plans for excursions. Sometimes it can also be very satisfying to create something together. You can create in your own garden, a flower Bed or on Urban Gardening to participate. You can visit with Your Partner to a Workshop or a dance class.

Tips for a memorable weekend You can create in your

Or you go in the autumn to collect mushrooms, the processed your in the evening to a delicious meal.

Tips for a memorable weekend can be incredibly satisfying and

To create something together, it can be incredibly satisfying and connecting. You can cook together, baking, fruit picking, furniture assembling or painting walls. After the work is done to a cinema or Bar, might be a nice way to end the day.

The other enough space to give.

A weekend can be wonderful, but is fraught with the one or the other of deceit. Certainly, it always also depends on how well you know them already. However, no matter whether newly in love or experienced Some, a little space everyone needs. Interests actually voting never a hundred percent agreement. Why not so in between for an hour or two times go their separate ways? You might want to shop a little in the strange city, and he’d rather visit the small Museum about model Railways. Why not? Then you will have to tell you something. The tolerance of both partners is the A and O, when the weekend is supposed to succeed the second .

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