Parship revocation so you will get your money back!

How does the revocation of Parship and you will get all your money back? Here you can find everything for the revocation.

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5 facts about the withdrawal at Parship.

The Parship guidelines call for 75 % of the value principle (the stopped in front of the court, but not always) Parship withdrawal easily accepted password must be submitted with the withdrawal with the free membership remains the same, no disclosure of the reasons for revocation necessary.

Revocation – what is it ?

The consumers who have concluded a contract, is a legal revocation period available. This lasts for 14 days, this also applies to telephone contracts, such as the completion of a membership at Parship.

Unlike in the case of a termination, you end with the revocation of your contractual relationship not only to the end of the agreed term, but immediately. There is no notice period, but not more than 14 days should elapse between conclusion of contract and withdrawal .

Cancellation vs. termination.

If you have purchased a subscription with a matchmaker, it will be extended automatically. You do not want that you will need to cancel within the cancellation period. You want to occur back directly out of your contract, you can withdraw it.

Parship revocation so you will get your money back! The consumers

The Revocation must be sent by post or by Fax with a valid signature from you. When sending by post, the date on the shipping stamp.

Why Revocation Of?

At first glance, Parship was very sympathetic, but then you realized that the page is not for you? In the case of a revocation comes into consideration. Sometimes the chance that a consumer falls in love a few days after its application at Parship and the services you no longer need want it. Reasons it is not necessary for the withdrawal, you have a legally guaranteed period of withdrawal, which you can use without stating the reasons can.

Three steps to a successful withdrawal.

The revocation is not difficult, if you decide within the prescribed period. In three steps you can finish your contract .

1) to Set the Write .

The first step is the creation of a revocation is.

Parship revocation so you will get your money back! final files, you

You have to write a novel, a free-form three lines is sufficient, provided it contains the necessary information.

Parship revocation so you will get your money back! the cancellation

These are:

2) Send the cancellation with proof.

The shipping is the most important point, because it is only when You have a shipment proof, and you’re on the safe side. Parship revocation so you will get your money back! Fax, the shipping confirmation is
Keep the Fax report or the receipt from the registered letter to and a copy of your cancellation letter for your files.

3) Let you confirm the cancellation .

To be able to put the cancellation of the final files, you need the written confirmation of Parship. Please in the letter of Cancellation and file the confirmation well, if you get you have.

How I call correctly?

Your revocation must be submitted in writing, the post is also approved, as of the cancellation by Fax.

Parship revocation so you will get your money back! of model

Please note that Parship has no right of revocation by E-Mail is allowed. Thus, the revocation is accepted, you should keep a proof of postage. For this purpose, the return receipt is, if you choose at the Post office by registered letter. You send your withdrawal by Fax, the shipping confirmation is a good document for proof of your period of time approach just .

In your letter of Cancellation must contain the following information:

the E-mail address you Parship to log in using your user name or the code number under your profile is your password, your Account is protected .

Follow these steps, your withdrawal might look like:

Ladies and gentlemen,

I hereby make my right of withdrawal and the me closed subscription period, call it justice. My E-mail address is: ([email protected]) My user name and password are as follows: (Name: XxXxX password XxXxX)

Please confirm for me the successful revocation in writing.

With kind Regards,.

Eighth, in the event of revocation to the fact that you’re asking for a written confirmation, because only so you can prove that you actually successfully objected to have.

Contact details for the revocation of.

Your withdrawal by Fax please send:

By Post you send the revocation to:

Parship GmbH, Germany Customer Service Germany Speersort 10 20095 Hamburg.

Will I get back all my money ?

If you can get reimbursed for the full cost of your Premium membership, depends on your previous activity on the page. Parship uses the right to a so-called value set. This means that you have to pay for already incurred contacts even if you your right of withdrawal use do.

Parship has its own guidelines on how many contacts at a Premium-membership to be guaranteed. On the basis of these guidelines, the cost for any of the contacts are calculated. A maximum of 75 percent of the total amount of compensation may be withheld. Should you don’t already have contacts, be refunded to you Parship for the full amount of your Premium membership. You want to be refunded the full amount, you can try the only legal action .

Experience with the success of the cancellation.

Again and again, the consumer reports protection from companies that do not want to accept a cancellation from the customers. As documents disappear, the membership is back dated to make the period shorter or there is no response from the provider.

Parship does not act in the matter of the revocation of model, usually goes for longer than a week, until the revocation is confirmed in writing and the money will be refunded. The right of withdrawal is provided in the terms and conditions explicitly and also without problems granted.

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