In this article we’re going to talk about using YouTube for Celebrity Marketing. Video is where your celebrity wants to be anyway, so why not make it a part of the marketing campaign that’ll make them a household name, if they are not already?

You should bear in mind that there are several different kinds of media: text, audio and video. While the text is great and audio is better, video is where you will be able to really seize the attention of others.

If you’ve looked at the news over the last few years, you have noticed that more news stations have been including videos in their news and on their sites. Video is engaging, interactive and it helps to bring even more popularity to your celeb.

Just as with anything else you want to do on the Web, it is a good idea to check to see what the market already has in it. For example, if everyone is talking about coffee in the celebrity world, it may be a good idea to become a part of that conversation. Or you can make the conscious decision to not be in that discussion, as you wish to create something unique; it is up to you.

In the beginning, however, you can go to YouTube and begin to search by keywords you have previously related to your celebrity. This may be the name of the ‘actress’ or ‘indie star’ or whatever other words you want people to associate with your celebrity’s name.

Check to see what other sorts of videos are popping up when you include this search. Also, search the name of your celebrity so you can see what is being said and how you may need to handle those situations – if at all.

Once you get a concept of what people wish to see when they look up the keywords you have chosen, then you can start to make a list of ideas for videos. Or you might want to have your celebrity create a list of their favorite movies and videos, which they could then promote on YouTube in order to continue the establishment of their personality online.

Sharing videos is similar to sharing status updates and other ideas online, just as you may with Twitter or Facebook. Have a list, with your celebrity’s help, if the sorts of videos you might post and then start to create scripts to create these videos.

YouTube combines many different media in one and because of this its a very powerful tool. Your celebrity will definitely appreciate any video promotion they can get.

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