In the case of fling area cancel.

The cancel membership.

The paid membership at fling area does not increase the chances of success and you don’t want to pay for it? We have collected all the important information to notice for you.

Anyone who wants to quit, should consider the in a timely manner.

Fling area cancel So you end your membership The paid membership at

A termination is possible at any time, but should not received the notice 10 days prior to the expiry of the contract time only to the next period has been completed.

The notice of cancellation must be received in all cases in writing. Regardless of whether or not the E-Mail, letter or Fax .

However, it is good choose a Form, when the receipt of the notice of termination is confirmed.

Fling area cancel So you end your membership must be

A registered letter is especially suitable. Fling area cancel So you end your membership and, of course, the address
In the case of E-Mail or Fax can not be guaranteed that the operator received the notice on time/read and edit.

What should be included in the notice .

Your access data: username and password is Your member number Your E-Mail address.

and, of course, the address of the site operator:

Who changes within the first 14 days after the conclusion of the contract its opinion, may withdraw from the contract simply reflected.

Fling area cancel So you end your membership In this case an informal

In this case an informal Letter is sufficient, such as:

I hereby make my right of withdrawal and revocation of my above-mentioned contract within the statutory period. In the alternative, I quit that by the deadline at the earliest possible date.

I ask for a written confirmation.

Account and delete data.

Who wants to delete Account and data, writes the best DC in the notice.

Otherwise, you will find this function on the Website ⇒ home ⇒ Support (bottom left) and ⇒ item 6: delete profile.

After that you must reactivate 14 time-of-day profile, should you change his mind yet again .

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