Fall in-you, test report 2019 - Fakes or a Chance to Fall in love withFall in-you, test report 2019 - Fakes or a Chance to Fall in love with

Fall in love Test in 2019.

Fall in-you is a free Dating service from Switzerland, which is also aimed at users in Germany and Austria. Privacy and data protection are in the foreground. Typical components of an online matchmaking to be complemented with specific Features, such as, for example, the meeting place section .

To Register a user name, an E-mail address and choosing a password are only required once. Without the need for an activation link via E-Mail, wait it is the same with the creation of the personality profile. Fall-you advertise a specifically for this matchmaking created Interview, by the individual’s personality profile can be created. Based on that, the user then creates a list of partner proposals. In addition to a few Multiple-Choice questions for self-assessment and personal details are voluntary and will not be released, should also be details of the dream partner .

The entire registration process takes no longer than ten minutes, the necessary information are generally answered quickly, and not very numerous. So the search for a partner can start on the one hand fast, on the other hand, this is only accordingly. Another disadvantage: In the case of the indication of the preferred income to the dream partner and of the own income, this is just in Swiss francs possible.

After Creating the profile, you will be prompted to activate the profile with the help of an E-Mail sent to the specified address. This does not happen within seven days, then the profile is deleted again. Until then, you can use all functions easily and non-binding test.

Profile quality.

Visually, the Profiles are reminiscent of those from a simple Chat or a Forum, and not a professional matchmaker. The Design is kept very simple and not very exciting. The individual Profiles have no individuality. Profile pictures are, after publication, for each registered user of the visible, if no other setting has been made. In some profiles there is no profile picture is displayed or uploaded. Also information on the Person and the partner is missing for some users. Members with empty profiles are proposed, however, as a potential Partner .

Photos will be reviewed prior to publication, the Support in terms of the website policies, a publication takes on average for no longer than 24 hours.


A profile of interest, you can send the user a message or chat with him / her. Fall in-you has a kiss, Smiley and roses-dispatch function. You select one of these options, you can let the addressee of the corresponding image together with a personal message. A further possibility is the section “questions to you”. Here we answer some of the questions selected by the other users before, and the answers he gets then later displayed .

Members of the structure.

The platform is aimed at users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Currently, of the 40,000 members are registered. Most of the users are between 25-45 years old.

The gender distribution looks like this:

Fall in-you, test report 2019 - Fakes or a Chance to Fall in love withFall in-you, test report 2019 - Fakes or a Chance to Fall in love with

Design and operation.

The Design of the website is neutral. The operation is intuitive and is associated with no long load times .


The site operators emphasize that data security has the highest priority. The user decides himself, how much he gives of himself. The Profiles are only visible for registered users and for the photos, there are individual activation possibilities. Each member has a personal mailbox, allowing messages received to be collected .

By Matching with other members, users, partners made suggestions. The website can be used as a matchmaking used. Due to the possibility of the self-employed, by searching the Profiles, but at the same time to a single exchange. Here, the Individual can act according to desire and mood interact and the page according to personal taste use. Furthermore, a search agent, where you can select individual criteria helps in the search for the dream partner. The classic function, submit an Ad, there are at Fall in-you. The search criteria can be narrowed, refined, Adjusting the search is fast.

The kiss, Smiley and roses-sending capability to help, calls to loosen up. The contact is additionally simplified through the use of selected questions to the members .

With the help of the Hitlist, you can add members to your own favorites, on the Blacklist of users you have blocked will appear .

A further feature of the so-called meeting point . You want a company with other members together, one is here exactly correct. For this purpose, you are first in a free-text field or multiple search words, wherein the first Use of the function is not quite clear what you’re looking for at this point at best. Then, choose a Sport or leisure activity for which you are interested in and the Region in which the Meeting is to take place. It is the indication of a possible impact area, and with whom you would like to meet (gender, age). Unfortunately, this feature was not able to convince. In spite of several times the search has been completed, and a very General search, could not find a “meeting points”. What it is, will not tell you unfortunately. Also tips on how to optimize the search, there is no.

The Headings.

Other Features complete the picture of this Online Dating site. So there is the horoscopes section can let the members of your horoscope based on their zodiac sign or the birthday show. This Service is offered by astroservice.com . Nevertheless, it remains to verlieb-dich.com and will be forwarded to any external website .

Under the heading of “romance novels” are the users of novels offered that can he read directly on the website. While it is fictional stories, you can browse it under the “love stories” in real stories. Members tell here how it fared with them. In different stories they report, as you have found your Partner to Fall in-you or as you otherwise with this Single-platform in the absence of .

Helpful for the members and especially for newcomers to the section “tips” . Here will be given to various areas of the tips. How is a first contact? What there is in the case of a first Meeting to be aware of? Relationships Work Remotely? A lot of different topics that may be of interest for the members, are addressed.

The “News” section to inform the users about news. However, the last entry from the 28.12.2015 what makes the Whole thing not very current look is. But there is also a Blog. The last entry is from the 5.10.2016, so clearly current.

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