Another question I’ve been getting via email is whether or not P90x is ever used by celebrities. I think the main reason so many people have asked me this is because they figure that if celebrities use it, then the odds of the program being successful is higher. Now to start I must say that nobody should ever use a celebrity as a reason to buy p90x. P90x is something that you must want to do, need to do, or it will fail. You don’t start p90x just because a celebrity did. In addition, most celebrities have the finances to have a personal trainer (or two) and are often taught by these trainers, even if the training involves some of the exercises in P90x.

It has been confirmed with BeachBody, the company who makes P90x, that there are at least 50 celebrities that use p90x. There is no reason to type this list out, the point is to show that people in the upper tax brackets who have the ability to do whatever they want to reach their fitness goals, are using this relatively inexpensive program that you can do from your home. Many would have to imagine that part of the allure of this is that celebrities don’t have to go to a gym and be in public. I don’t think this is true. Most well known celebrities have houses big enough to hold their own personal gym. So to bypass the gym for this program that requires only free weights and a pull up bar, that is a pretty impressive statement when it comes to p90x.

I will agree that it does add credibility to the program given that people with the financial resources to have a personal trainer whenever they want still chose to use this program.

Again, I must emphasize that a celebrity using p90x should not be the main motivating factor in you starting this routine. You need to be totally dedicated to the program and know that you not just want to do it, but that you NEED to do it and that you WILL succeed.

I found that once I started it and was committed, writing articles about my experience as I went along, along with writing in my blog was a big motivating factor. As you will read from my other articles, nobody claims that P90x is easy. In fact, just the opposite. As with most things in life, you have to work hard to get results and P90x is no different. This is why I found that writing about my experience helped. It helped get my thoughts out and it motivated me to keep going because I was acknowledging my results.

So in the end, if knowing that many celebrities have used P90x helps motivate you, then great. Whatever it takes to keep yourself going on this program will benefit you in the long run. The point is you are the one that needs to motivate yourself to turn a leaf and become healthier and live a longer happier life. If I can provide some of that motivation, then great.

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