C-Date in the Test of 2019.

Every day 25,000 new members in search of casual sex, women’s share at 59%, since above-average level and media presence, An experience report: With these 6 steps, I get a regular C-Date-women to bed contact warranty profile pictures need to be released: anonymity protection costs, No possibility for self-description in the profile C-Date: For women free, for men in the upscale area.

Registration Process: 4,5 /5 Contact: 4,0 /5 Profile Information: 3,5 /5 App: 4,0 /5 Practice Test: 4,5 /5.

Our C-Date Test rip-off or real Dates?

You’re looking for a One-Night Stand, non-committal casual sex, an affair, or a fling? Then you’re at C-Date exactly right. In our C-Date Test, we have tested functions, contract details and the chances of success for you on the heart and kidneys .

C-Date is since 2008 one of the most well-known Dating portals for Casual Dating and noncommittal erotic adventure . Every day, approximately 25,000 new members log in to find a Partner for casual sex and erotic games .

C-Date is recommended for users who are in search of an affair, a fling or a Partner for occasional adventure with certain preferences. In particular, women’s C-to recommend a Date because of the free premium membership and the higher level of fully. Men can look forward to a large number of sexually open-minded women in each age class. In the world C-Date in over 35 countries is successful and has a total of more than 36 million users.

Anyone who is registered here?

For Singles, Married and couples are above average, many women, Many members looked for over 30 years: Sex without obligations, user-friendly, and open to See who is online .

Your chances of success on erotic Dates.

Ordinary men and women of all ages in search of like-minded people with whom you satisfy, free of charge and without obligation, your sexual needs without shame, free sex meetings level agree full contacts without any obligations on C-Date – everything can, nothing must! Many female members due to high presence in women’s magazines, TV shows, and television advertising, as well as the free use for women.

In our tests we especially liked that .

the users of C-Date all of them very friendly, knowledge of C-Date users are definitely what you want to be an open-minded and positive atmosphere among the Casual Datern we there is a high response rate were: 7 out of 10 women answered immediately.

Age distribution.

18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+

The registration process.

Basic information via the tick (e.g. Erotiktyp) 5 photos anonymity upload protection: the images can be used individually, No free texts, length of application: approx. 10 minutes will be released .

The profile position at C-Date is extremely easy and fun to use. Here, you will not be bombarded like in other portals with endless questions as to likes and dislikes, but comes to Casual Dating typically to the point quickly. In six easy steps the registration is done and you can get started.

First of all you can choose what type of adventure you’re looking for. Offered by C-Date:

Singles to meet A long-term relationship, Flirting games watch Chat.

Choose then, whether you’re male or female acquaintances, and from which state you come from. New the search for the country’s circles. This makes sense, since it is for a casual Date absolutely ready to overcome hundreds of kilometers .

After that it describes in the following categories:

For more information (state, marital status, occupation, drinking habits, etc.), appearance, personality & characteristics.

As the last E-Mail address and set a password and you will get a Mail with the activation link for your Account.

In the meantime, members can submit on a given topic, your opinion on your profile. So that you can assess better whether the member fits to your preferences, and for an erotic Meeting is. The topics range from non-fänglichem up to crackling questions:

“What could you best do without for a month” “What do you think of Sex in public places?” “Have you ever had Sex with a married Person?”

It is nice that the members are allowed to self-select whether or not your photos to be “normal” or “blurry” will be displayed and for whom the photos are visible. Text fields for a description, there is not. Very prominent is the Pseudonym of, 5 images, you can upload and “My erotic type are, therefore,”.

How C-Date your erotic type?

In “My erotic type” can be added from 84 possibilities, which are symbolized by the photo-tiles, 5 for your own profile. This results in the C-Date Computer then calculates your erotic type. Here there are categories like “a little classic” and “predominantly classic” to “adventurous and wild”.

Our tip: those Who want to have Casual Date wild Sex that should be as an erotic type at least “wild”. To do this, you must have a matching photo of the tiles clicking.


Personal messages Bump function, Ease of contact through ready-made answers contact warranty For women to Write messages is free-of-charge Live-Chat for the direct exchange available For men: profile position, contact proposals received free of charge (will be deleted 24 hours after application), message is received free of charge (will be deleted 24 hours after receipt) profile, upload photos For women: C-Date is free of charge.

On C-Date, an internal mailbox is available, messages are limited to a maximum of 1,500 characters. Pre-defined answer templates facilitate the first contact with other members of the Casual Dating portal and help to write texts for the contact. So you don’t have to search forever to find suitable words with which you anschreibst an interesting member of the best .

Our tip: In the Online Dating world, you have to assume that several men cover letter to the particular woman, you should more unusual and individual send messages to come to the success .

C-Date is convinced of the own Service in a way that a contact warranty. In this case, C-Date guarantees you the following number of contact proposals:

In the case of a membership period of 3 months at least 5 contact proposals will be guaranteed a minimum of 15 contact proposals you get a guaranteed in the case of a membership period of 6 months a minimum of 30 contact proposals for a membership period of 12 months.

It should work with you and for you not to be sufficient contacts are presented, then your Premium membership will be extended free of charge and you will receive further contact proposals.

According to the Terms and conditions C-Date uses a specially “developed algorithm that allows to predict the compatibility (compatibility) of two customer profiles”, so your suggestions really fit you .

How to write members at C-Date ?

C-Date provides the opportunity to ask, for example, an image share. To do this, the Computer generated messages like: “hi, I’m curious and would like to see your picture.” Or “hi, I’ve unlocked a photo for you. Do you want to turn a photo for me?”. Since you have to go out in the Online Dating world that several men contact the respective woman, you should, however, something more unusual, send messages to come to the success. We can only recommend to write a nice, short, stylish, and personalized message. Women are accustomed to Casual Date portals, some bad botch. C-Date Test September 2019 Only Fakes and little women now finally in the Apple
A user wrote to us, for example, (quote): ‘it Was not uncommon that I was contacted in the manner (first contact): “Hello, is this boring. where been ago. who want can meet and fuck. “Like with a photo of your xxx as illustrative material.’ With this kind of message, you will not get very far in the C-date gutters.

So you can find your Sex Partner at C-date.

So you can find the right Partner for your adventure as a goal-oriented, offers C-Date, a very detailed search function. C-Date Test September 2019 Only Fakes and little women Dater, you want
You can information about sex, sexuality, marital status, age, Region, size, figure, hair length, hair color, eye color, sexual orientation, type of exchange (prefer by message, telephone, etc.), as well as according to the origin of the Casual Dates. Use of your information C-Date makes you individual contact suggestions with photos, at the same time but you can also self-active Profiles to browse through, for example, the members that are currently online. Of them you’ll usually get a faster response .

Profile information.

Important information at-a-glance meaningful Profiles safe environment for women, The Profiles are very detailed, The profile can be changed later on the site, profile, search, life style, preferences, text and images.

The Profiles on C-Date are largely kept anonymous and for good reason: Who wants to be by colleagues, Acquaintances or friends as a Casual Dater identified? Of course, it is important to maintain the identity of the user. So is it possible in C to test Date secretly and undetected, and to experience erotic adventures .

The underlying classification of C-Date profile design is safe in the sense of all users, looking for a rain, and anonymous user traffic. About half of all of the Profiles contain pictures. But these are anonymous most of the time and must be unlocked by the respective user only. Unfortunately, it is not always immediately apparent what the user has set a picture of yourself, because C-Date real photo motifs as a place holder .

Around half to two-thirds of all the members has chosen a Pseudonym, the other to keep the C-Date allocated code number. The cipher is a little meaningful eight-digit sequence of letters and numbers.

C-Date is due to its size, and the free Service for ladies a good point of attack for Fake Profiles. However, C-Date permanently, however, works. For example, a member is harassing you, is the customer service very fast and reliable. Female members can report an annoying admirer, and a blocking request. This is done by the client support even on short notice – very well! But, unfortunately, the Service disseminated information and materials will not be checked automatically .

How should look like my profile picture C-Date ?

your photo should be blurred or pixelated to you to portray in a good light in order to increase the effect of the image, you can adjust brightness and contrast choose a plain Background that makes you a respectable appearance; the “photo of the bench” prefer to remain in the archive to professional your photo should not be to get you to the suspicion of being a Fake profile, you will need more tips? Then inform you here.

Search for members online search members in your direct vicinity, Live Chat, Daily new contacts.

The C-Date App can be downloaded via Google Play Store and now finally in the Apple App Store free of charge. Contact suggestions are for men, free of charge, however, it is not possible to view photos or to contact women. In-App purchases for male users meet the costs for the premium membership for men. Women looking for men need to not make In-App purchases to be able to use the full functionality .

The search allows you to Filter for members that are currently online or in your immediate vicinity stop you. Maybe you go the same spontaneously on an erotic Meeting with someone from your area? You can also see who has visited your profile, how to edit your profile and in the Live Chat with other users or remain.

Due to the Clarity of the App and the selection of mobile functions available, we felt that the usability in our practice test as a very appealing.

Practice test.

Steffi, a Doctor, 29 (years old) reported exclusive.

Since about 9 months I’m now at C-Date logged in. On my way home, I ran for 2 months on a C-Date advertising poster. At some point I was curious and wanted to know how it is to come closer to an Unknown and what can happen during such a “Casual Date” and all that? What kind of men use this site? The are Freaks, I must have anxiety or a Casual Date is a titillating experience? According to my log, it turned out quickly that the C-Date members are super nice and after a erotic adventure. I’m no longer Single and can think of at the moment, no solid relationship. Too much Stress in the Job, in the evening, hardly the time for a Bar. The layer service, it makes me hardly possible on the weekend, go out and meet someone. But “woman” has her needs and Sex I don’t want to miss it. As I had re-registered with C-Date, I knew me and my body hardly. With my first C-Date-by about half a year, I was of course extremely nervous. Meanwhile, I have arranged to meet me on C-Date, with about 8 men. With two men that I’ve met on C-Date, I have currently a slightly longer affair. A longer non-binding friends with benefits, I particularly like, because you know the preferences of the other after a certain period of time. Now I can have a playdate with the Two of them spontaneously for a Booty call. In the past half a year, I’ve become much more self-confident. Tomorrow I have a Date, I’m already excited.

Practice test and experience: erotic Dates or is it all just a rip-off?

It comes quickly into the conversation and exchange images, wishes and context of the data. Meeting come about, however, most of the female members are quite careful. The conversations are not particularly “flirty”, but likely to be very materially influenced. In our test, it arrived after 2 weeks 1. Meet with an affair partner. So you can get to know by C-Date Sex-Partner, a little patience is still needed. “C-Date” means the first coin is “Casual Dating”. On the C-Date home page of C-Date announced “” full-bodied, what you have to understand, including:

“c-date is the address for casual Meet without any obligations. Casual Dating allows adults to own find satisfaction without the need for a binding deal. Whether you are looking for a unique, unforgettable encounter or a long-term Liaison without love – c-date puts you in touch with people who are looking for exactly the same thing.”

Hmmm, as far as the advertising. But it sounds enticing, is it? How exactly is that supposed to go now ?

I get through C-Date, the woman on the Poster in my bed?

Of course, C-Date dreams to fulfill. The ladies of the report, of course, in the case of C-Date, to let your erotic dreams come true. There are also exceptionally attractive Users, C-Date, such as the Model of the C-Date advertising, but they are also especially sought after, and would like to have your own ideas of what you will experience and with whom.

Important for the success of C-Date is:

Realistic wishes to define. There are not so many women want to have with a strange man Anal intercourse or looking for a Threesome are. You should maintain your profile neat, especially with an interesting profile photo is important. You want to live your dreams and the other Person. Therefore, it is particularly important to have his personal target audience in mind and to optimize the profile to the C-to the use of Date optimally. The Pseudonym provides a very good opportunity. You want to experience an adventure like Christian Grey from “fifty Shades of Grey”? Then You call it “Mr. Grey” and choose a mysterious photo of you in the grey suit. Present yourself as your ideal candidate is presenting her affair. In case of doubt, you may be a professional photographer here, tips. Selfies are generally not a good card and also not the ever-present naked torso pictures. Show your naked torso is really only if you have a six-pack and then, if possible, in a natural atmosphere, where it belongs, for example, on the beach. Otherwise it is not too Intrusive. For many women, the fantasy in your head begins .

C-Date tips for a first Date.

Design and operation.

Privacy and anonymity-in short, discretion can be a priority: anonymous treatment of personal data will not be passed to third parties, clear design and uncomplicated operation would be clever Tools, such as formulation AIDS in the Writing of texts, so you can find faster the right words, with which you cover letter an interesting member to use functions is desirable, for example, you have to copy the E-Mail address of the customer service from the Webpage and manually in the E-Mail message, the overall positive impression of the bother, however. in comparison to other portals of this type, C-Date is very appealing and easy to use .

C-date costs and prices.

Contact, suggestions, messages, profile photos receive upload profile position For (heterosexual)women, C-Date, completely free of charge.

Profiles view the complete photos to see messages and contact suggestions unlimited retrieve messages to read and write.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total men / month / month / month women looking for women or couples / month / month / month.

Bank Transfer Credit Card Bank Transfer Cash Cheque.

At C-Date you can pay anonymously in cash or as a cheque by Post .

For women looking for men C-Date is completely free of charge. Men and homosexual women can sign up for free and also get contact suggestions – photos of other Profiles to view and contact members, you must apply for a paid membership. The Premium membership you can also easily available as In-App purchase. Please note that the paid membership is automatically renewed and the subscription prices to rise in the case of an automatic extension .

Our tip: do not Cancel your premium membership immediately after the completion, so that it is extended automatically. If necessary, you can complete a new subscription .

There are Surprises in the C-Date cost?

According to the Terms and conditions C-Date has, “the customer before each use of tiger benefits paid in any case, the fact that these following services are chargeable and what charges apply.”


For more information about the topic of Casual Dating can be found in the C-Date-magazine. In the magazine there is, for example, articles on the topic Sexdates, or some very exciting reports and studies on the topics of Sex, infidelity and everything to do with it .

Faster Customer Service.

The customer service replied within 24 hours on our E-Mail in the practice test.

Commercials for more members.

C-Date has invested in Marketing and advertising material to attract even more members. Of course, this also serves the purpose to more sales and Profit. However, for you first and foremost to be relevant, that there is more potential Dates for you, and a larger selection of members.

Here is an example of a C-Date commercial:

Our Rating.

Registration Process: 4,5 / 5 Contact: 4,0 / 5 Profile Information: 3,5 / 5 App: 4,0 / 5 Practice Test: 4,5 / 5.

Conclusion of our test editor.

C-Date is a high-class contact exchange for non-binding erotic adventure. For women, C-Date is free of charge and fully recommend, therefore, the high quota of women. Since comparatively few men sign up for a premium membership, there are at C-Date, significantly more “women per man” as is the case with other portals.

What C-Date is? How does C-Date?

When you have entered all the information, compares C-Date your profile with those of potential candidates and your own “search criteria” and sends you per day, up to three contact proposals. A separate search function to look for it myself, there is not! As of C-Date in the course of a short time a lot of proposals, this is not a problem. In addition, you can view who is online, and these members cover letters. Also in the field “What’s New?” in the tab “Start” you can find new members for the direct cover letter. Nevertheless, an advanced search function would be desirable. You can customize the search function with search categories such as “What is the preference to have your sought-after Partner?”. This one definitely sounds interesting. But in the end all the users have almost the same preferences ticked. So, the preference “sensual Sex is in almost every profile”. It is almost a little funny if C-Date writes to a, and cheerfully informs: “dear C-Date member, we have a new contact suggestion for you: your Partner shares your penchant for sensual Sex”. Here is something finer categories would be beneficial. After all, there are also categories such as.

Show and watch photographs and movies Threesome Dominant/ submissive to be a fetish interested.

If you double-click a specific category, you give a little more targeted. It is recommended to experiment with these categories when you need something. Also in the category of “What kind of Agency you are?” are your choice for the most users, by default, almost all of the points ticked. So you can wish for “An erotic break from everyday life (Email, phone, Chat)”, “A non-binding Flirt”, the “friendship with the little Extra”, “A sensual adventure”, but it is also – lo and behold, “A long-term/permanent relationship.” From the Casual Date but it could – and again, a little Longer to develop, my some. It now searches individual characteristics of the respective C-Dater, you want to cover letter to personalize their Letters, give the “questions of the day” a good conversation. Members to write to you and you can answer the question of the day. If you have the same answer as the other, you have a Match. No benefits, however, you can deepen the theme, however, via email and thus has a starting point for a conversation. In addition, the answers will be stored in the bottom of your profile under “My opinion”. You can also hide, if a appears, ventured an answer to, or you don’t want that C-Date display. It’s worth it for one or other of the member on watch, what this has responded to to specific topics. Also this good connection can result in points for a conversation .

What is the Name of “C-Date”means?

“C-date”, “c-Date” or “cDate” is the abbreviation for Casual Dating. This means “informal data”, so the Meeting with other members for erotic contacts or adventure without obligations. In particular, no relationships or romantic feelings. If you’re Dating, you’re in our Tests, on the topic of matchmaking to the correct address. This may be so, but, as each C-Dater has his own dreams and desires. You want quick Sex, anal sex or a Threesome? Try your luck at C-Date. But also a romantic getaway with sensual Sex can be the desire of the respective C-Daters. Or simply a shorter or longer affair. It should also be come to long-term relationships. Casual, so casual, that means that all of this is possible .

How trustworthy C-Date is ?

C-Date is one of the largest Internet exchanges for “Casual” Dating in 35 countries and with over 20 million members worldwide. In Germany alone there are more than 2.4 million members and every day some 25,000 new come. The proportion of women is 59 percent. These Figures alone show that C-Date is the Casual Dating very seriously, and a serious, high-class and secure Dating platform to offer. In this case, C-Date puts special emphasis on the protection of the identity of the members. Are there nicknames, little personal data and the images in C-Date will need to be unlocked. We C-Date, therefore, as a very serious .

How good C-Date is ?

C-Date can be a really great Casual Dating Portal, when they have a lot of fun and his dreams can live. C-Date Test September 2019 Only Fakes and little women possibilities, which are symbolized by
With our tips you can at C-Date, discontinuation equally successful once types and you of the mass. You’ll see that the arrive is very good and you to your destination faster than other ways. The Good thing about C-Date is that you apply directly to like-Minded people and not by a flood of Dates must be torment, only to find that the other wants, but rather a romantic love relationship. When it comes to C-Date so it is also important how you represent yourself and how to communicate with the Users. Based on our Test, we can say that an average of one to two weeks need to up it to an erotic Meeting. In the age class below 30 years of age, you will come to a response rate of about 1-2 to 10. Over 30 years, the rate improved on average from 3-4 to 10. Write so calmly reinforced the potential partners to. Very positive we noticed, that the women have also written to our male test profile. On average, even more often than “normal” single portals. All of the attention, the know female Casual Dater what you want!

What is Casual Dating?

Casual Dating refers to different types of sexual activities outside of the area of romantic relationships. The spectrum ranges from single sexual encounters to long-term Arrangements outside of a traditional romantic relationship.

C-Date is for the 60+ age group, suitable?

13% of men and 8% of women of the members at C-Date are over 55 years old. With a total of 120,000 weekly-active members your chances of success on the erotic Meet in a good area.

Ease of use.

As you can see in the case of C-Date images?

Images of other users must be activated by this. This is the discretion and for the protection of the personality. The other Single, you can unlock its images free and unlock the other, if necessary, your own images .

How fast is the C-Date customer service logs ?

In our Test, the C-Date customer service responded very quickly. A in the evening, at 21.00-asked question we got the next Morning at 11.00 a response. The customer service must be contacted via E-Mail, the E-Mail address is: [email protected]

What can I make with C-Date free of charge ?

We have broken down the C-Date costs for you .


How do I recognize Fake Profiles on C-Date?

C-Date provides services for women free of charge. Therefore, it may also be Fake profiles. Generally, this occurred in our Test very often. You can recognize the Profiles is less at the way they are designed, but to the actions of the Profile Creator. Mostly the Fake writes back that it is grateful for the message and would like to redirect you now to another page or an E-Mail address, under which it wants to communicate. You should not reply to this address, you may be sent Spam or viruses. A profile should prove to be a Fake out, so please report to the C-Date customer service.

As announced at C-Date? How do I delete my Account at C-Date?

Important is the observance of the notice period is a matter of course.

C-Date Test September 2019 Only Fakes and little women By deleting it you

At C-Date you need to print out a vorgefasstes PDF letter of resignation, sign it, and C-Date send. Login to your account and click under “My profile” to “settings”. Then click below the “your membership” to “Change“. Now you can access the cancellation form, save, and print. The following information must be registered: The E-Mail address, the reason for termination of C-Date provided cancellation code and your signature. The Fax must be sent to the following number: 00352 26 30 26 97. Tip: Alternatively, fill in the form completely, scan it in and send it as a PDF to the customer service E-Mail from C-Date: [email protected] . You should receive within 2 days a confirmation of the termination. Otherwise, if necessary, again re-send! As soon as you have the Premium membership is terminated, you can delete your profile at any time in the personal area under “My profile/settings”. By deleting it you remove your data permanently from the C-Date database. As a woman, you must only delete your profile, because C-Date is for you, free of charge, and you has no Premium membership .

Thank you for your question. We will answer you as soon as possible .

Share your C-date experience.

Here’s genuine Singles share your experience with C-date. If You want to share your experiences, did you have a Chance here:

Thanks for your experience report. After editorial review we will publish it here .

C-date reviews.

I am currently logged in for the second Time at C-Date. Just like a year ago, and no Mails go out of my Accout out. That is to say, my letter caste . n runs over in front of requests, I can write and send, but no message reaches the receiver. In the last year it has been fixed, but it has lasted. Right now I’m waiting that the Support is active. Well, after all, he has already confirmed the receipt of my Mail with the note. Frustrating. And perhaps explains why men say again and again, you’d be in a women is no news. Well, to me it’s not! “”

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