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I found a nice girl to Write with. Hope it’s not a Fake, but the App is really well constructed and clear. Yard . fe is the more of it, and I hope in the future that you can use without money. I also understand that the App owner wants to get money for it. The App can recommend 100% great. What I find cool is that you will be also contacted by women. With Lovoo, you will be contacted infrequently. kp why here more often. This pleases me, because it comes better in contact. Hope the App continues to be good. LG ” “

That is where I learned my love. Only as a full hit, in short, WhatsApp number replaced, the next day we made history . alive and until today.And to pay for all this without a penny. If they were looking for a relationship as I, a demented has-speaking profile, it can work. ONS, you will find there is likely to be less. 2 real Dates, with the second I’m married and soon had a total of. “”

Extremely Positive, I was looking for as a dominant man, a submissive Drau and in 2 weeks 2 had a Meeting, wherein the 2. to a long-term relationship . led ” “

I had chosen the Premium membership. Despite the Filter’s me the hits have been displayed, I would have chosen to never. Almost every second letter/contact . t had received I was a Fake from Russia, always in search of sources of money. I had decided then however for a profile in Berlin, however (just because I had set the Filter), the long-distance relationship (I = Frankfurt), not resistant. This is particularly sad, and actually, Yes, the filter function should avoid such constellations. “”

a lot of bad and little good a lot of faks.

Up to now, after a few years of membership here, I had rather less success. or answers for me about 85% of not only.

Badoo restricts more and more the search functions. For example, the function “All” will show does not work anymore since one week, also the Detail-is search . no longer available (such as size, knowledge of the language. ) . Unfortunately, I was so stupid and had previously paid for the “Super-Powers”. The money you can save, even for the so-called “points”. So everything is not so positive. and a lot of Fake Profiles. Badoo is doing a good “Money”. “”

Hi, I think it’s not so much that you have to pay for Badoo after a short period of time. There are enough free Dating Apps. Otherwise, I’m satisfied.

Wanted to times and 2 Fakes found two men, only money, and as it was not the peace wanted to try. One of the two used alien photo . p. warning stay away from people, according to Syria, Turkey or Iraq Connections, are mostly Fakes. First of all, the blue is a lie from the sky, and when they think about fishing, you want to make money.

Badoo Experiences & Opinions My husband

If there is, despite the tenacity of rest. The photos look at that with respect to photo montage. So I have the nose full ” “

Until now, it was good to have had addresses to me but more show .

To women back time. But mostly women looking for a serious committed relationship. In the case of the filled-in profiles, the reads often . ders. “”

I have made the experience that many men are on Badoo, only on pictures and hardly any real Dates are interested. In the Chat d comes . ann no later than the third answer to the question “Can You me send pictures?” even if the profile is that there is no interest in exchange of images is. Women who are really looking for real Meetings, are likely to be repealed in the case of other single exchanges better. “”

Badoo has faded. A lot of men are not for a long time online, and not only in Germany.Fakes and scammers are becoming more and more. . Service is bad if you have problems.So you can learn, no man to know. “”

I was about 6 months on Badoo is active. In this time I receive per day I logged in 5 points each. For 20 points you could . to get to the Profiles of visitors or Likes / Matches reveal as every 4. Day a profile.I had about 1,200 visitors and a little over 100 Matches.I’ve written to 30 women – a message is allowed – and a whopping 2 women also get a response. Then the end was.All in all, too many women to me with a model of good appearance there what stinks strongly of fake profiles. The lean profile of the text / Details of the impression is only amplified.Have Badoo uninstalled again; for me it was a waste of time. “”

After registration, I was forced to upload a profile picture to make other people “see” and then forced my phone number heart . ugeben, otherwise I can’t access my profile. not at all. “”

I can only say that there is here the same as on other Dating sites good and bad experiences. Badoo Experiences & Opinions Denmark and
But that is more to the men and . not the Badoo page. Very good I find, therefore, the possibility of the “secret comments”, which can be left for the respective profile. Quite good tips, why should the man clicked prefer not to write sometimes. But one can only hope that not too much Negative is written 😉 ” “

Dear men, Yes, the first impression is important. The profile images and texts should be well made. I really like the muscle cars look so . change your face or the things that I like. But why are you always with beer in Hand, or drunk with mates scans will stay with me forever unclear. Are you looking for a woman to drink?Hi, as the address is not enough, but if you write: “Hello, how are you? I would be glad to hear something from you.” is sufficient. If it is not answered, then the image was not appealing. And please write in full and grammatically correct Sätzten. Otherwise, I have the feeling that you don’t give you the slightest trouble. If we then started a good conversation. why do you send unsolicited Dick pics? Why should I have seen me meeting with someone I everything? This is not erotic!As a woman it has an infinite number of requests. 90% of them get no reply from the above mentioned reasons. Badoo Experiences & Opinions get to know
I wasn’t looking for love, but I have had some very nice Dates on badoo. But be careful when verifying. badoo sent messages to people from your phonebook and take images from facebook.Good Luck 😉 ” “

I go fully with the test report of the people as described here. Many Fake Profiles which refer to other Dating sites, or di . e want to live have the E-Mail address, allegedly in Denmark and then send an E-Mail from Russia report. In the end, want to “Profile” then only one—> the love for good money. “”

Only Negative, a lot of Fakes and wrong-leading pictures from recent times.

Really you can get to know anyone there. Almost all Fakes. Too bad.

The page is really good and easy to use but too bad you have to buy all the tools and can M the points not by others . methods such as, for example, messages of a point to write a point that you come without money to the points ” a “rate earn

So I got me a few days ago, logged in to badoo, approximately 1000 women photos in hit game yet, results: 8 (!) Profile Visits, Results . = equal to 0.Now I wonder why you should go on badoo? When I say, when you go away normal 1,000 women, 50 will remain at least left! “”

I have years of experience with this type of communication (between 2004 and 2015 to be in a relationship) and I’m in 2015 on Baddoo joined. . About 580 requests in 4 weeks, I have received, accordingly, the message was input. For me there is 3 types of men on this App.1. I’m really looking for a solid relationship and event. my Traumfrau2. I’m looking for nice conversations and events. also, for the recreational activity (a few)3. The world has been waiting for me since I can only represent images in a good, happy I any woman with photos of my best piece. The latter there are plenty, and it is funny and sad at the same, the descendant of generations of faith really, the man falls on something clean. I, myself, have made me a Fun of these messages and this is not taken seriously, I would never have taken me with someone like that. I also had very nice conversations with men who are not my type but it is not always. It is experience and good exchange device can be betreiebn if you are on the Sincere User.A message I received which was as follows: Hey. I would be glad if You get in touch with me, I still have to hang the Laundry, I’ll be right back.I answered it, after 2 weeks we met, it was love at first sight and we have been together for 9 month and plan for the future. So it goes, man, just have to find the bunch of frogs on a shovel out to the Prince.My tip: Not every man to take seriously, just more than 3 sets to replace them.Good luck and don’t give up. “”

So I would say so, if one has the good fortune to catch a Fake (scammers / Africa), then there are Sexanfragen almost only. Badoo Experiences & Opinions any woman with photos of
Actually Badoo is a Board . ell where you need not pay. Quite a few of the no Sex but want to have other disorders,it’s a Playground for disturbed adults who shy away from contact and proximity. It is asked for pictures or you can get a suitable sent and look not bad. If you say you want to not a lot of sized or delete the same. My husband died two years ago and a friend Look meant “that”. But as it was it will never, you will be asked what you are working with whether you have a house and something that is not at all are Strangers. And to the right Discover the nearly all not in the mood. Sad. Badoo Experiences & Opinions house and something that
Greeting Christine ” “

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