A real fashion sin Daniela Katzenberger is ashamed of her eyebrows

Earlier, the iconic blonde looked a bit different … Tanned, eyebrows at half-mast: Daniela Katzenberger to the beginnings of their career. 2 / 2 © dpa That really am I? Yeah, Daniela …

1 / 2 © dpa tanned, eyebrows at half-mast: Daniela Katzenberger to the beginnings of their career. 2 / 2 © dpa That really am I? Yeah, Daniela … 1 / 2 © dpa tanned, eyebrows at half-mast: Daniela Katzenberger to the beginnings of their career. 2 / 2 © dpa That really am I? Yeah, Daniela … do you Like your chilled drinking water prefer still or sparkling? Or medium?

In the case of the GROHE water systems, you have a choice. Fresh water, matched exactly to your taste for perfect refreshment. With security, we can remind all of us, at least to a fashion sin exactly.

Whether a lot of pants to wide, jagged strike, a radical cut short hair or jet black Kohl-rimmed eyes … None of us is Abused Cat Rehabilitation: How completely innocent when it comes to earlier Fashion-faux-pas’. Also, Daniela Katzenberger , 29, can sing in the style of the technical default of a song! Already seven years ago, the more and more successful and unique career of Daniela katzenberger began.

In “up, up and away – My travel diary” we were enthralled by the blonde with her naughty Face she brought in the United States and to the gates of the Playboy mansion. However, not only the loose mouth was a major part of the cats-Hype: the idiosyncratic Style gave Dani the most attention. From the Solarium tanned, with extra bleached-blond Extensions and a lot of high and also tattooed eyebrow, the young woman started in a completely new life. There were two camps: Either they found this style really well, or you hated him. Daniela was in any case fully behind their appearance!

With the hand-to-hand stages of the industry Manager, but also by Daniela, however, was always an adult. The “forehead, brow” gave way to all-natural Brewing, the tan disappeared to a portable Minimum and the fashion fits, in the meantime, the new role as a responsible mom . Today, the cat can smile about it all just yet! Via Facebook the 29, published-Year-old a picture of yourself that shows in old gear. You will laugh , but it’s only now I think: “Daniela , what did you have on these eyebrows thought” 😀 😀 😀 you have determined the sins of the old fashion , is it? Fans. to do this, writes Daniela: you will laugh, but it is only now that I think ‘Daniela, what did you have on these eyebrows, thinking.

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